Our company first got involved professionally with researching HI-END issues in 1985 in Germany. Since then we have utilized a unique anechoic space in Germany for the conduction of experiments and studies. We now collaborate with important companies of Europe providing specialized products.

We have worked in Greece since 1993 and provide high quality services in the HI-END area. You can find us in a 700 square meter shop provided with high quality facilities for research and experiments, manufacturing, and technical support. We provide services relevant to commercial transactions of audio and visual systems, organization of sound installation, acoustics and lighting, research and development of sound prototypes, production and manufacture of speakers, installation of audio and visual systems, department of digital applications and technical support for all the above .

All the speakers and the amplifiers are manufactured on request according to your needs; therefore, everything we make is personalized and bears your name at the frame of the machine etched with laser.

The well known “CRYOGENIC” technology method used by NASA on spaceships and Formula 1 cars is used by us as well on the speakers’ and amplifiers’ parts; we change the molecular structure of the material by freezing it at zero degrees thus making radical improvements to the sound performance.

The material which is used for the speakers is 10 year old tropical Brazil wood which has been under special treatment of slow death via maximum humidity. This achieves ultimate stability and avoids the bending or warping of the wood.

The wood is then transported to Finland where it is baked in special furnaces to remove humidity and is cut into 1 mm slices. A 40 mm placket is created with the water effects at a 900 angle with each slice.

Thus perfect durability and rigidness of the wood is achieved. The boxes are glued with a 450 degree cut, thus increasing the area of welding from 40 mm to 55 mm. In addition, we use 30 mm feather keys, increasing once more the area of welding to 85 mm. The glue used is polyurethane for perfect results and durability.

The experimental department of the company has given us the opportunity to discover new techniques, to experiment with innovative materials and to verify or refute the validity of various theories regarding the manufacturing of unique HI-END products. The absorbing materials used are carefully selected as the acoustic rooms in houses have the same static waves. After long studies, the usual frequencies which provoke problems were identified, leading us to choose material with absorbing factor 1.13. This coincides with the frequencies and the speaker’s static waves, thus we eliminate any deteriorating problems in the acoustic area. Practically speaking, this results in the avoidance of any problems with the installation of our speakers in an area.
Worldwide Innovation from SPL AUDIO

Send us by e-mail photos in digital form of the place you want to install the speakers which you chose and professional staff (Decorater) of our company will present to you in three D format (3D studio MAX) more than one suggestions with wood or leather which will be unique and splendid just for you. For the 25 years from the foundation of SLP AUDIO we celebrate and create for you original and unique speakers.